About Container-Builder.com

Container-Builder.com is a product by Chris Tankersley (@dragonmantank), author of Docker for Developers. This site is a tool to help developers quickly put together a docker-compose.yml setup that can be easily modified, or used over and over for many projects. If you have any problems, questions, or comments, feel free to contact Chris at chris [at] ctankersley [dot] com or on Twitter at @dragonmantank.

If you are interested in learning Docker, you can purchase a copy of "Docker for Developers" or its video companion, "Learning Containers." Information on that can be found at http://learningcontainers.com or on Leanpub.

If you want to help out with Container Builder, it is open source! Head on over to https://github.com/dragonmantank/container-builder, clone the repo, and have fun!